Dice Merge

Dice Merge is new and simple to play and opens up an immersive game world that also empowers your brain in a challenge. Come to play and experience this game of colorful blocks.

Dice Merge is suitable for all ages and offers an attractive logic puzzle and a great IQ exercise. Random dice allow you to use your brain more. You can create a new combination of dice by matching these tiles horizontally or vertically with the same pieces in a row.

The game will randomly create dice. You can get higher scores with the dice you create and collect. Try it, you will like Dice Merge.

*** HOW TO PLAY ***
-You can rotate random stones before they move
– Drag the membrane blocks to move them
-Match three or more dice that are the same then the dice will merge and you will get points.
– You can change the dice in your hand by pressing the change dice button.
-If there is no room to roll the dice randomly, the game is over.

– Colorful dice blocks.
– Sweet sounds effects.
– Rotate feature.
– Change Dice feature.
– No time limit & No internet needed.
– Easy to learn with a tutorial.
– Support leaderboards.
– Totally free.

Match the dice and create new dice Enjoy brain exercises Carving out time to play this fun & mind refreshing game!